In the previous post about Gnoll Gods, we talked about five powerful outsiders. Let’s recall the names of these “disgusting” entities:

Nahc-i, Baimrhi, Tmcaor, Rlpea, and Cna’dienz.

Actually, those who have read different parts of the book (or project) and especially those who have joined our Discord channel might have figured out who these powerful outsiders really are! The powerful outsiders are actually the main people working on Rpcraft! Let’s take a look from this perspective:

Nahc-i: With his terrifying height and fury, Nahc-i is our main writer, Cihan. As a former professional basketball player, he is tall (not extremely so for a pg/sg at 6.4, but still tall compared to most, right?) and as the head writer, takes pride in being the creator of gnolls. Yes sir! And what about his example follower, Zyau the Howling Lord, known for his golden fur? That’s Cihan’s son Uzay, who was only 1.5 years old and mostly crying and whining while the book was being written.

Baimrhi: Our Creative Director, Ibrahim. Known online for his sharp personality, he has faced ostracism but has carved a path for himself with his skill and intelligence as the Hideous Lord. His example followers, the Twin Blades of Damnation, known as Uyok and Dmeer? These semi-undead gnolls are none other than Ibrahim’s twin children, Oyku and Erdem. Real troublemakers!

Tmcaor: By now, you must have figured it out. The Angel of Correction is a fitting name for an editor, right? Mehmet Ortac, aka Mortac, is actually Tmcaor. Why a fallen angel? He joined Rpcraft much later than the others. His extensive knowledge of diseases and medicines also fits his theme. And his follower, Ubrak the Corrupt? Mortac’s loving brother-in-law/brother Burak, with whom he shares a wonderful relationship.

Rlpea: Project Manager Alper! As a former American football player, he fits the Minotaur theme, right? His home’s collection of hundreds (probably thousands) of figures is the inspiration for Rlpea’s theme of turning enemies into stone and “collecting” them. His example follower, Black Rutar, is based on Alper’s son, Artur.

Cna’dienz: Typesetter Denizcan. Actually, his name consists of two parts, Deniz and Can, explaining the disjointedness in the name Cna’dienz. He is the main writer’s younger cousin and used to be incredibly picky with food, eating nothing but what he liked, which is why he was turned into a gluttonous frog-like demon lord as his punishment! His tendency to stay seated in front of the computer made him a lazy creature, hahaha! His example follower is his brother, Ege (Egge). Egge the Archaic, a seeker of ancient knowledge, fits well with Ege’s path toward becoming an academic anthropologist.

There are other name references within the book. Maybe we’ll talk about them over time. If you want to take a closer look at these demon lords, we’re adding the link below.

These damned creatures!!!

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