Each race in our book will get multiple pages of lore about their characteristics, culture and religion. All of them will get renewed mechanics and also each race will get 6 new subraces for you to choose from. 

Vicious Orcs

The angry and ferocious Orcs come from different upbringings. The upbringings are subrace options that you will choose what religion your tribe followed when you grew up.

Devious Goblins

Shifty and elusive Goblins come from different castes. The castes are subrace options that you will choose what your tribe did to survive in the wilderness.

Ruthless Hobgoblins

For the disciplined and martially governed Hobgoblins, you will get to select what kind of a settlement you are from. This includes what size of the settlement that you are raised in and your social status among your kin.

Rough Bugbears

For the burly and sneaky Bugbears, you will get to choose what kind of tribe you are from. The tribes differ in what type of demeanor developed.

Various Half-Orcs

We also provide 8 unique Half-orc variants that Orcs parented with the other races to spice up your game, so you don’t have to play the one and only angry, green, hulking half-human Orc.

And hopefully, we want to provide a lot more!

You will find 5 very intricately designed classes in our book. Every class has unique mechanics designed to be in the center of their play styles.

Let’s explore each:

The Pack

A deadly team of multiple small humanoids in one character sheet.


The autocratic chieftain whose ruthless voice carries powerful directives.


A crafty scavenger that turns the husks of their fallen foes into a deadly arsenal.


An agile combatant that uses speed and guile against their enemies.

Ancestral Shaman

The versatile soul binder who brings the blessings of their ancestors into combat.

And as Subclasses, we offer three subclasses for each new class we present and a total of six more subclasses for already existing classes. 

We plan to provide four different unique mechanics to spice up your game and enjoyment.

Group Backgrounds

You can prevent your players from choosing from diverse backgrounds that may harm the gameplay with the use of Group Backgrounds.

With Group Backgrounds, all of the players in your table can share a common background and divide the labor outside the combat for their needs, all the while avoiding the social clashes coming from differing backgrounds and goals.

Uncanny Grub

With Uncanny Grub, you can consume very dangerous and probably horrible tasting food to gain special benefits that more civilized people cannot even dream of.

Apart from rotting corpses to fungi growing on magical beasts; you will harvest and consume things even an iron gutted Dwarf will retch at the thought of, but if you survive them, that Dwarf will be jealous of your powers.

Superstitious Magic

With Superstitious Magic, you can entrust yourself to the whims of fate and try to use magic even when you don’t have any talent at all. And if you do have actual talent in magic, who can say that more magic can hurt?

By following the weird tradition of Brutal Races, you will attempt to use magic from superstitious beliefs that might seem like trickery, but may actually contain magic that nobody expects.

Blood Hunt

As a Dungeon Master, you will see that with the Blood Hunt mechanics you can keep your players on their toes, worrying about their success as well as their failures.

Blood Hunt is a flexible worldbuilding mechanic which sends formidable adversaries that differ in motivation, composition and abilities against the characters regularly to test their mettle.

New Feats

We will provide at least 25+ very useful feats in our book. With these feats you can unlock more Uncanny Grub to fill your character’s belly with more disgusting but powerful grub or you can get fierce tactics to use against your enemies and more.

New Equipment

We want to present you with a load of weapons, armor, equipment, and other items that the Brutal Races use to survive in the wilderness. As we all know their lifestyles are much harsher compared with city dwellers’ lives, so the equipment and crude equipment they use is essential for them to exist.

Magical Items

Magic plays an integral part in the lives of the Brutal Races, they may not be as academic and gentle as the city dwellers but their magical items are as powerful as any other. We would like to present you with 25+ magical items that shows the harsh environment in their designs.


Both Arcane and Divine spells are a subtle part of Brutal Race societies. Each of our races has tribal magics that specialize in their own special way. We would like to present 25+ spells for each Brutal Race.