As additional stretch races were introduced during the Kickstarter campaign, it became challenging to differentiate races from each other both thematically and mechanically. There were instances where we came up with an idea for one race, only to realize later that we had done something too similar for another. Nevertheless, in the end, we managed to create subraces that were distinct from one another, each with its unique characteristics.

The themes assigned to races were as follows:

  • Gnolls: Themes of savagery, hunger, and worship of powerful outsiders.
  • Kobolds: Characteristics of being populous, having social awareness, and excelling in traps and intricate craftsmanship.
  • Lizardfolk: Possessing the most animalistic characteristics among the races.
  • Troglodytes: Representing the most primitive and artificial race.
  • Minotaurs: Inclined towards physicality and competition.

Strength Bonus Subraces:

  • Meatchopper Gnolls: One of the wildest types.
  • Ancient Kobolds: More draconic than others but with more primitive features.
  • Scaled Horror Lizardfolk: The most animal-like among all brutal races.
  • Putrigut Troglodytes: The default and by far the most primitive.
  • Cretan Minotaurs: Fearless attackers who indiscriminately charge enemies with their horns.

Dexterity Bonus Subraces:

  • H’yeanic Gnolls: Four-legged hunters resembling centaurs.
  • Trapper Kobolds: The most populous and well-known for their traps.
  • Waterwalker Lizardfolk: Friendly beings that get along with elves and assist traders.
  • Pell’cid Troglodytes: Extremely dangerous killers with a transparent appearance.
  • Gladiator Minotaurs: Experts in different combat techniques, placing importance on fame and glory.

Constitution Bonus Subraces:

  • Aepchil Gnolls: Mutants capable of eating anything and rapidly healing.
  • Featherweight Kobolds: Smaller than their kind but absorb most damage due to being tossed around.
  • Gecko Lizardfolk: Wall-climbing, curious, conservative, and more civilized.
  • Sentry Troglodytes: Guardians fighting against nameless horrors in the depths of the Earth, following ancient teachings.
  • Celestium Minotaurs: Diligent hunters with strikingly bright feathers.

Intelligence Bonus Subraces:

  • Damneds of Baimrhi Gnolls: Cursed beings in a semi-undead form.
  • Primalist Kobolds: Wizards curious about elemental magic.
  • Devilkin Troglodytes: Followers of powerful outsiders and specialists in summoning spells.
  • Tailspinner Lizardfolk: Applying effective transmutation spells both on themselves and the external world.
  • Myrmidon Minotaurs: Elite warriors, one of the most reputable types among brutal races.

Wisdom Bonus Subraces:

  • Blighter Gnolls: A frightening type with disease-carrying bites and corruptive magic.
  • Overlord Kobolds: Researchers known for their wings and advanced civilization.
  • Saurfolk Lizardfolk: A widespread tribe known for tribal living and some being able to transform into dinosaurs.
  • Muckbinder Troglodytes: Psionic creatures altered by aberrations.
  • Lifewarden Minotaurs: Hermits investigating powers of life and death.

Charisma Bonus Subraces:

  • Hounds of Faith Gnolls: Incredibly loyal knights serving noble families and kings.
  • Dragonsong Kobolds: Leaders among kobolds known for their voice mimicry abilities.
  • Thornyback Lizardfolk: A paranoid and scheming race.
  • Pherogolodyte Troglodytes: Creatures influencing everyone with impressive scents and colors.
  • Masquerade Minotaurs: Wealthy entrepreneurs forming mafia-like structures in large cities.

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