Below, you will find detailed information about our crew, whether they are a permanent member or freelance help.


Below, you will find detailed information about our crew, whether they are a permanent member or freelance help.



I am Cihan Ture, 41 years old. I learned to read and write from my uncle’s comic books by myself. I have played and coached basketball professionally. I have never stopped reading, especially fantasy and science fiction and I read multiple books at a time. I’ve had short stories and comics published. I’ve played and DM’ed for more than 20 years. I’ve designed Dungeon Mastered stories including Orcs, Dark Elves, Goblins, Devils, Aberrations, Undead, and many more as player characters, not only classical races. Even though I have tried many things, I always have a healthy inclination towards ranger.



I have met with D&D more than 20 years ago and loved it ever since. As a forever DM, I have been obsessed with providing my players with unique and exciting adventures. With this mindset, I have started documenting my ideas and designs and in time, started creating homebrew material for the D&D community in Turkey to enjoy. With a penchant for creative endeavors, I gave up my education in economics and a career in accounting to pursue design. With the experience I garnered in this field, I finally felt confident enough to provide materials for the world to enjoy.  



I am Alper Erdiner, 40 years old. My first steps to being a geek probably started with comics my father read. I was skipping over the Westerns and went for fantastic ones like Conan and horror comics. My love for Conan, swords, and hero figurines started back then. Of course, as a child of the 80s, Voltron, He-Man, and Ninja Turtles were the ones we loved. We collected everything we could find about them. Most of my friends threw theirs away when they began to grow up. I kept mine and as I grew older, began to acquire more. Long story short, I found myself as a collector. All the walls of my home are decorated with rows and rows of figures from fantasy and comic book works that I love.



As a successful entrepreneur, I bring years of experience in both the tech and real estate industries. After moving to Los Angeles in 2011, I founded several companies and built a strong reputation in the business community. I am currently managing a real estate holding company and investing in real estate nationwide, utilizing my expertise in the field to identify lucrative investment opportunities. With a focus on strategic planning and attention to detail, I have established myself as a respected leader in the real estate industry. Through my work, I am constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow and innovate, striving to make a positive impact on the world around me.



I am Mehmet Ortac, 43 in your Terran years. I may be considered an alpha geek, specializing in many, many diverse genres. Some (but not all) include Comics, Anime, Transformers, Thundercats, Star Trek, and Star Wars (yes both). I have been Dungeon Mastering since my early teen years and never stopped spinning stories, narrating, and roleplaying. After working as a literary translator for 25 Terran years, I decided to write my own. Tabletop games and board games are my passion and will keep creating more till my days end. Finding and supporting new projects is another strong passion for me.  



I am Denizcan Ozeles, 27. My love for sci-fi and fantasy began at a young age. My father had many fumetti comics and I was fascinated by them. The first thing I was able to read was a Zagor issue. Since then, my love and interest in books and comics have only grown more. In the end, I got my bachelor’s degree in literature. Tabletop RPGs, which I had introduced for the first time in my youth, became a regular part of my life. They opened a door for me to experience those unforgettable stories firsthand. Graphic design was also my passion. In my spare time, I tried to develop myself in this field. I’m also an amateur musician, noodling on some songs on guitar now and then.



I am Abdullah Derin. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Ege University, English Language and Literature Department in 2013. I received my MA in 2019 with my thesis on the transformative effect of “smart power” against hegemony in science fiction. In addition, I have Associate Degrees in “Photography and Camera Operation” and “Radio and Television Program Production”. I am currently working on my Ph.D. dissertation. I am experienced in community management and social media.